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Why Costa Rica?

"The Happiest Country in the World", as reported by the New Economics Foundation, continues reporting growth in the number of international tourist arrivals, and for a good reason. Costa Rica's proximity to major hubs in the United States and the multitude of flight options makes it easy for travelers to vacation there. It is a two and half hour flight from Miami, a five-hour flight from New York, a four-hour flight from Dallas and a six-hour flight from Los Angeles.

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"...no one that knows golf in Costa Rica as well as you."

"...an unforgettable experience.."

"The hotels, the activities and the golf were all first-rate..."

"You'll go home raving..."

"all your planning on our behalf made for a wonderful trip."

"...can help visitors get the most bang for their bucks..."

"We had the time of our life."

"Everything we were told to expect was as described.."
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Costa Rica's 32 environmentally protected national parks, which include tens of thousands of acres of rain and cloud forests, active volcanoes, beaches and waterfalls, allow visitors to experience nature in its most pristine state through activities like hiking, rafting, canyoning, canopy tours, rock climbing and surfing. If scuba diving is what the traveler seeks, Costa Rica offers miles of coastline on the Caribbean and Pacific coast that are ideal for the avid scuba diver.

The traits that make Costa Rica one of the most sought-after eco-destinations are the quality of its tourism services and the people who make the experience so exceptional. No where on Earth will a tra

veler find people with the knowledge and expertise that are sure to turn visitor's vacation into the experience of a lifetime. Wherever the traveler decides to go and no matter how long they stay, Costa Rica offers them the ultimate ecological and educational experience - all rolled into one.

About Costa Rica
Costa Rica is located in Central America, nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, and bordered on the east by the Caribbean Sea and the west by the Pacific Ocean. This small country represents only .05 per cent of the planet's surface yet its land shelters 5 percent of the world's biodiversity and its waters are home to 4 percent of the planet's marine life. It has given priority to the conservation of its natural resources, protecting 26 percent of its national territory through the creation of National Parks and other natural areas.

The country also offers world-class eco-tourism and adventure travel. The options are unlimited for any discriminating traveler: horseback riding on a secluded beach; hiking through the lush whispering greenery of a rainforest; having an exhilarating experience on a white-water rafting trip, observing the tropical forests from a canopy tour; surfing the blue waves of either coast; experiencing a quiet, close encounter with different species of birds and wildlife; and enjoying the diverse culture and hospitality of the Ticos.

Some Basic Stats About Costa Rica:

Location: Central America, bordered to the north by Nicaragua, east by the Caribbean Sea, south by Panama, west by Pacific Ocean.
Size: 50,660 square kilometers, or slightly smaller than West Virginia. Includes 1,290 kilometers of coastline.
Population: 4 million
Terrain: Coastal plains separated by mountains, including more than 100 volcanic cones (several active).
Climate: Tropical and subtropical; cooler in highlands. Dry season is December-April; rainy season May-November.
Government: Democratic republic. Gained independence from Spain in 1821.
Capital: San Josť
Currency: Colon (CRC]. One U.S. dollar equals approximately 503 Costa Rican colones.
Notes: Historically the most politically stable nation in Central America. Economy is largely agricultural, but has expanded to include strong technology and tourism sectors.... Costa Rican culture puts a premium on education; literacy rate (those 15 and older who can read and write Spanish) is 96 percent. ... All beaches in Costa Rica are public. Coastal homes and resorts must maintain 50-meter easement from the water; physical barriers to access are prohibited.... Good domestic telephone service; Internet service readily available [country code; cr).

Get the latest info at The CIA Factbook

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