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One of the beauties of a trip to Costa Rica is the diversity of activities that are available to you. The options range from soft adventure to high adventure, from eco-tourism to romantic outings, and in all regions of the country. Below are just a few of the many options but ones that we've found to be consistently rewarding to our clients.  Pura vida,
Horseback Riding:  Horseback riding is the perfect way to discover the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Tours available throughout the country. Catamaran Sunset Cruise: Tamarindo Beach offers sailing up the coastline to a beautiful cove for some snorkeling and swimming. They provide fresh fruit, snack foods and even sandwiches, soft drinks, beer, bottled water, run punch and wine upon request. The tour returns after the sunset.
Day Spa: Treatments are offered throughout the country and generally at very reasonable prices. Canopy or Zip-line Tours: Experience the tropical forest from the viewpoint of butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, birds, and the rest of the tree dwellers. Available everywhere.
Snorkeling: Tours are available throughout the beach areas. Sea Kayaks: Located outside the beach town of Jacó.
Cafe Britt Coffee Tour: Located in San José Enjoy, learn, laugh and savor life's little indulgences through the eyes of the experts. The world of Costa Rican coffee.
Guanacaste Palo Verde Crocodile Safari: Monkeys, Birds and Crocodiles, Oh My! This adventure is a MUST! Enjoy the Tempisque River bordering the Palo Verde National Park, which protects over 33,000 acres and is known for its ecological diversity, preserving wetlands and providing a refuge for a myriad of wildlife. Board a covered riverboat for a 2-hour ride down the slow moving Tempisque River. But, be on the lookout and ready to shot those one of a kind photos. Over 300 bird species have been recorded.
Click to read the latest testimonialsPalo Verde & Guaitil Combo: Add a detour to the Chorotegan town of Guaitil to see how the famous Costa Rican ceramics are made. After your wildlife tour on the Tempisque you can make a stop at Guaitil. Experience the Costa Rican culture from its roots. Stop for a cup of coffee in a traditional cooperative in the town of Santa Cruz and continue on to the town of Guaitil. See the last decedents of the Mayans (Chorotegas) continue their tradition of making handmade pottery from the natural clays of the earth and have the opportunity to purchase irreplaceable handmade Costa Rican pottery directly from the artist.
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